According to the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.344: ALL EMPLOYEES USING TIGHT-FITTING RESPIRATORS* MUST BE:

  1. FIT TESTED prior to initial use of the respirator.
  2. FIT TESTED whenever a different respirator facepiece size, style, model or make is used.
  3. FIT TESTED at least annually thereafter.
*TIGHT-FITTING RESPIRATORS include: cartridge respirators, all types of air supplied, positive - pressure, powered air purifying respirators and self contained breathing apparatus.

PEK can get your personnel back to work faster and keep disruptions to a minimum.

PEK works with several medical clinics should you want to combine fit testing with other annual medical tests.
If you need help with OSHA mandated respirator medical clearance, please check out RMCert at p.e.k., Inc.

If you are interested in our fit testing services, e-mail us at: sales@pekinc.com or give us a call. Distributor inquiries are also welcome.